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Mind, Body & Spirit Balance

From the foods & fluids (nutrition) we consume, to the people we associate with, to the external stimuli we allow (stress), etc. - all of it impacts our energy field. We are a body that moves with and through mind, body and spirit energy. We are energy first. When we don't feel well physically it may not be only a physical imbalance we are experiencing although it 'feels' physical. Conversely, when we are struggling emotionally and mentally - it can be trapped or blocked emotions that we are aware of or unaware of. Poor nutrition can also affect our emotional and mental well-being. There is much more research now being done to show how imbalanced gut bacteria (micro-biome) is contributing to higher rates of anxiety and depression. The key is to understand that it's always a combination of imbalance in the mind, body and spirit when we are unwell. Therefore ensuring our nutrition is coming from whole foods as much as possible, clearing stagnant or blocked conscious or unconscious emotions and detoxing our system is the key to life balance.

The human energy field is a bio-electromagnetic field that extends from the heart outward surrounding and interpenetrating the human body. This field holds cellular imprints about every aspect of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being including our positive experiences and our negative experiences (traumas) as well as our belief/response patterns. With stress, toxic food, pathogens (harmful bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, chemical and environmental toxins), injury and illness, our energy field can become unbalanced which can affect our 'feeling' well. The benefits of energy balancing through diet, detoxification and emotion release treatments include:

Alleviation of pain and physical ailments
Relief of stress, depression, anxiety & trauma
Increased relaxation
Increased vitality and energy
Improved performance and concentration
Better mental clarity
Clearing of limiting beliefs and negative patterns
Enhanced sense of inner peace and well-being
Increased motivation and goal achievement
Managing life changes
Healing on all levels of mind, body and spirit

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