Whole Food Nutrition Coaching​

​Food has an incredible life force energy and the benefits of bringing more whole food nutrition into your diet are enormous:

decreased use of pharmaceutical drugs

prevent/reverse diabetes

maintain strong bones

have more vitality & life-force energy

avoid impotence/prostate issues

lose weight

avoid strokes

lower blood cholesterol

prevent kidney stones

prevent/reverse heart disease

lower risk of all cancers

alleviate constipation

preserve eyesight

lower blood pressure

avoid dementia/Alzheimer’s

prevent/reverse arthritis

These are only some of the health benefits of incorporating more whole foods into your diet. Consuming more vibrant live nutrition supports a balanced, healthy energetic lifestyle.

Shifting our diet can be overwhelming in the beginning however it doesn't have to be. Taking small, simple steps over time can develop lifelong habits that will re-energize you. We will guide you in bringing more of these beautiful life-giving foods to your diet while crowding out foods that are linked to allergies, disrupt hormones and diminish life-giving energy force. Over time, you will easily be consuming a variety of more whole food meals that are rich in flavour and super satiating. This way of eating can easily balance health issues such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, body weight and more.

We promise that incorporating more whole foods into your diet will vibrantly support your wellness journey so you can experience good health and precious energy.

Integrated Energy Therapy®

Suppressed emotions and traumatic memories can be stored very deeply in our cellular tissues and we may be unaware of their presence. These memories can adversely affect our belief patterns and behaviour and can create physical ailments. It is now understood that many illnesses have a component of imbalanced emotion at their core and energy healing can reverse these imbalances. In order to heal, we need to release the suppressed memories and trauma.


Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) is a type of energy healing that gently releases suppressed emotions and traumatic experiences (energy blocks) from the cellular memory easily and without having to relive the experience or traumatic event. The treatment uses a unique 'Cellular Memory Map' to target specific areas in the body where cellular memories are stored releasing them on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. The client is fully clothed during the treatment as the practitioner places their hands lightly on the body to direct the flow of energy; clearing emotional blockages, restoring balance and revitalizing the system. Clients report immediate feelings of calm and relaxation.

With IET, you can heal past trauma and negative emotional charges and live more fully in the present aligning with your higher purpose and potential.

Ionic Body Balancer®

The Ionic Body Balancer is an excellent way to help detoxify our body. The ions in the footbath water hold a charge that enables them to bind to toxins in our cells - similar to how a magnet works. The footbath releases a portion of that toxicity through our feet - 10% of the toxins release into the water - the remaining 90% are released into the lymph and bowel therefore it is important to eat a more whole foods diet with adequate fiber content and consumption of pure filtered water daily. Our bodies are super intelligent and constantly seeking to remain balanced however with the toxic load our bodies are subjected to more than ever before, our cells have become over burdened.

For best results, a series of four to five sessions are recommended unless clients are dealing with very significant toxicity. The first couple of sessions, the water can be varying colours representing different built-up toxicity in the body. Subsequent sessions, the water has less toxins floating on the surface. Only 10% of the toxins release into the water - the remaining 90% are released into the lymph and bowel therefore it is important to eat more whole foods with adequate fiber and pure filtered water daily.

Most people can benefit from Ionic Body Balance cleansing, however, it is not for people who are pregnant or lactating, people who have had an organ transplant, who are on heart regulating medication, have an electrical device implant such as a pacemaker or anyone taking medications for psychotic episodes, seizures, etc. If you are taking medication for high or low blood pressure, it is recommended that you take your medication following the session.

HeartMath Meditation®

Learning meditation can be helpful to relieve stress and anxiety caused by our reactions to external events and over-thinking. There are different ways to meditate; yoga, walking in nature and breathing are types of meditation.

HeartMath is a form of breath work training which brings you to a present state of awareness - into the moment - and helps to keep you there. HeartMath does this immediately and effectively and doesn't require you to 'find the time' to meditate. It is the only scientifically-validated system of emotional management that can help you meet life's challenges with poise and resilience in the moment the stress is occurring.

Heartmath is designed to help you access the power of your heart through specific breathing techniques that are designed to immediately calm your nervous system and stop chronic over-thinking or monkey mind.