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Client Testimonials

Emotion Release Therapy

"I recommend Cindy's Energy Therapy without reservations. She just KNOWS how to read the body and guide you gently and directly toward insight, clarity. She is calm, deliberate and highly intuitive in knowing how to work together to uncover answers, understand the truth that the body wants to share. She truly helped me a lot. Thank you Cindy!"

A.W. Burlington, Ontario

"Seeing Cindy was the best thing that could happen to me. Trying different health approaches over the years and every time feeling like hitting the wall. Her positive energy and treatments are helping me in so many ways. Highly recommend Cindy's Energy Therapy.

Dee, Stoney Creek, Ontario

"The energy sessions with Cindy left me feeling very peaceful and gave me the boost I needed towards healing. She is a very good listener, very calm and very dedicated to help. I tried different methods to help deal with grief and this was the most helpful."

France, Grimsby, Ontario

"My mother recommended I get in touch with Cindy after my young children were attacked by a dog and afterwards started showing signs of anxiety and fear towards animals. Within a week we started noticing a difference in their level of calmness when seeing new animals. Since then I've had to remind my daughter to ask permission before touching someone's dog... thank you Cindy :)"

Rachel, Nova Scotia

"I met with Cindy because I needed help with my claustrophobia and I had booked a trip to Europe. I was hoping that her Energy Therapy treatments could help me. After a few sessions, Cindy was able to quickly determine the cause of my fears and she was able to clear out my blocked negative emotions. Thanks to her, I had a successful flight to Europe. She was also able to uncover a traumatic event that I had experienced 60 years ago and her therapy removed it permanently. Removing this negative block helped to diminish the pain I had been feeling for a few years in several of my joints. Thanks to Cindy, I generally feel more happy and more energetic. I am very grateful for the overall balanced feeling that I now have."

Gail, Grimsby, Ontario

"I started seeing Cindy almost a year ago, I came in with a lot of anxiety and really low energy. After my first energy therapy I walked out feeling lighter. Over the next few appointments, I felt better then I had in years. Cindy has such great insight of the body and how it works and just what it needs at that time. Energy Therapy Along with her nutritional expertise has given me my life back, I recommend her treatments for everyone!!"

Karen Streef, Grimsby, Ontario

"I found I was unable to benefit from standard forms of therapy. I knew there had to be more. I was introduced to Cindy and Emotional Release therapy and reached out when I needed it most. I was reserved, skeptical and honestly worried at my first session. The power and release I experienced was immeasurable. I was excited for each session with the thought of what we would uncover. Cindy has a way of just "tapping in". I've discovered a greater sense of self because of her. Thank You Cindy."

Julie, Grimsby, Ontario

"I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that working with Cindy has been a great overall experience! She really does do a great job at helping you find what ever needs to be found within. I’m glad I decided to work with her. She is a profound healer as well as a wonderful human being!"

Lisa Campli, Stoney Creek, Ontario

Whole Food Nutrition Group Coaching - comments from past participants:

"4 weeks was perfect. I've tried many different diets trying to find the right path for me and this program put me in the right direction. I would recommend this program to my friends & family. It was great!"

"Meeting others like-minded was great. You gave us all the information we needed to be successful. Awesome people and I learned so much. So many recipes too!"

"This was such an organized program and very easy to learn. I would not hesitate to recommend this program. I love the recipes."

"Such a great way to learn and so much support and information. Very reasonable price for everything we received - thank you!!"

"I love the open discussion and 3 weeks was perfect time to learn everything. I would recommend this program. I love the recipes!!"

"I enjoyed the information especially on where and how to get started including local stores and good substitutes for recipes."

"I loved the relaxed friendly atmosphere that Cindy created. It made learning fun and easy."

"I would recommend this program to anyone wanting to go plant-based or even keep a bit of meat in their diet and eat mostly plant-based. I enjoyed the recipes, healthy tips that Cindy provided including the great discussions in our group."

"Recently, I attended an Information Session about Whole Food Nutrition at the Grimsby Library. I was impressed by Cindy’s passion and knowledge for a plant-based eating lifestyle so I signed up for her Whole Food Nutrition Coaching classes. Cindy is a very knowledgeable and passionate person. I have learned so much about Whole Food Nutrition from her classes! I appreciated receiving great recipes to try. My family is enjoying the health benefits of eating whole foods. I highly recommend Cindy!"