Emotion Release Therapy (Energy Therapy)

Individual treatment (1 - 1.5 hours): $95

Package of 6 treatments: $480 ($90 savings)

Package of 12 treatments: $840 ($300 savings)

Treatments are either in-clinic or by phone.

Physical pain relief is significant when using this therapy. If you are currently experiencing physical pain, try this energy treatment. You will get immediate relief because behind all pain is the stagnant energy of trapped emotions. With emotional pain, most people can release the energy within 6 sessions but with significant trauma, it may take up to 12 sessions. These are permanent releases from your energy field. I also teach clients how to not re-infect the energy field.

LIMITED TIME OFFER: One 30 min. Emotion Release Therapy treatment by phone at 50% off.

Whole Foods Nutrition Individual Coaching

Initial coaching session (60 mins): $85

Follow-up coaching session (30-45 mins): $65

Package of 3 coaching sessions: $195 (Savings of $20)

Coaching sessions are weekly either in-clinic or by phone.

Whole Foods Nutrition Group Coaching

Group coaching is 3 weeks in duration (1 hr/week): $120 ($40/1 hr group coaching)

The program runs every 4 weeks - please contact me or visit my Facebook page to see next offering. I offer online group coaching as well. If anyone desires or requires additional support after completing this program, they will be offered individual ½ hr coaching sessions at a permanently reduced rate of $50/coaching session.

Learning Outcome:

• The medical research data backing whole food nutrition lifestyle

• How to heal and prevent most chronic lifestyle diseases

• How to eat to balance body fat (no more dieting)

• A healthy relationship with food (no more emotional eating)

• How and what specific whole foods detox the body naturally

• Specific food protocols to enhance health

• How to choose the right foods to provide the best results for this lifestyle

• How to choose the right foods in restaurants and while traveling

• Recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks

• Connect with and build a community of like-minded support within a group setting

By the completion of this program, you will be fully integrated into the whole food nutrition lifestyle and be on the road to optimal wellness in preventing and healing most lifestyle diseases including obesity

Ionic Body Balancer

Individual session (30 mins): $45

Package of 4 sessions: $140 (savings of $40)

Treatment is in-clinic only.

HeartMath Meditation

Complimentary with any other treatment for clients interested in learning an effective stress management technique.